At home on the high seas

Maritiem feels at home on high seas. It is where our handiwork is put to the test, where our expertise and your experience combine to form a winning team. For over 45 years, Maritiem has been designing an producing fishing gear. Consequently, we can offer a wide range of extremely successful pelagic trawls, being used in almost every major pelagic fishing region around the world. The trawl are of various shapes and sizes, designed for large and small vessels, for deep and shallow waters, for pair trawling and single-boat operations.

Each one of these trawls was built according to your priorities: effectiveness and efficiency, durability, manoeuvrability. And we added a few our own: simplicity, standardization, user-friendliness and a clear and outspoken vision concerning various aspects of the design.


At our main production plant in Katwijk, we have the indoor capability of working on 3 large pelagic trawl simultaneously.

Our innovative and efficient way of operating means we can repair and produce well over 300 trawls per year, while not losing the personal attention every trawl requires.

At Maritiem, we don’t limit our service to our own backyard. Highly qualified teams are sent our to repair your gear when ever and where ever it is needed. Whether that’s at our own repair facility in Las Palmas, Canary Islands, or on some quay in your own fishing region. However far a field, we’ll be there.

This combination of our approach, our infrastructure and most of all, our staff has earned Maritiem such a steady and distinct place in the market. We are eager to continue along these lines, further developing fishing gear, in an ongoing cooperative effort, while consulting with progressive and successful operators, like yourselves.

About Maritiem

Maritiem was founded in 1971 and was solely based in Scheveningen until 1993, when it moved to its new facilities in Katwijk.

In 1998 we opened our operation in Las Palmas, Canary Island. The company leads the market in the development of large-mesh, low-resistance pelagic trawls. In close cooperation with reputable operators fishing in the Northeast Atlantic, we have developed a wide range of state-of-the-art pelagic trawl. These trawls provided the basis for specific designs and further development of gear for fisheries in various regions, including the North Pacific, and the South Atlantic.